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The W.O.R.D.  Center, Inc.

Kingdom Concepts on Deliverance 

God's Prophetic Alignment for your assignment  in 2020

Prophetic Alignment 2020

October 2020

 What a time we are living in today. We really need the eyes to see and  the ears to hear what God is releasing in this hour. We just witnessed the greatest prayer call in Washington DC a call to repentance. We need to apply that to our personal life first of all and then to our families, our work places and our cities, Now like never before we need Jeus to intervene in all areas that affect our everyday living. In 2 Cronicles  7:14 has been stated over and over this year, but now we have seen the action. IF MY PEOPLE  he is talkng to his people not the rioters not the lost but US his servants .  Those called by his NAME to humble yourself, pray and seek his face, and turn form wickedness. Then wait his  response  is simple,  he will hear, forgive and heal their land. Are we listening,  are we bearing his name? The ball is in our court, how align ourselves with this simple instruction will determing what we hear form heaven.                                                           

Prophetic Alignment 2020

September 2020

  Alignment for your Assignment. 

Prophetic Alignment 20​20

Aug 2020

A new way of doing Church? I think not, as I have pondered all the post and blogs of what we have just encountered from the Pandemic. I began to meditate on the WORD of God . I heard these words. Ministers is there fire on the altar? I thought WOW good question Father. I went to the word and began to search as we have just celebrated the risen savior what a thought. He became the ultimate sacrifice laid on the altar.

Lev. 6:13 says a FIRE shall always be burning on the altar and it shall never go out.

Ministers is the fire still burning on your altar? The fire starts with us, I mean we have to get out of just doing and doing and begin to get at the feet of JESUS and allow him to change the way we want to do church in this season. Our Normal has forever changed.

Prayer on the altar............... is the old way of doing church!